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Here, you can learn more about the rare genetic causes of hard-to-control hunger (doctors call this hyperphagia) and how it can lead to developing obesity (being very overweight).

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Being hungry all the time can make it hard to live your life; no matter how hard you try, you keep gaining weight.


Many people struggle with hunger and weight their whole lives. You are not the only one Craving Answers.

In rare cases, the reason for hard-to-control hunger and obesity could be because there is a problem in the part of the brain (the melanocortin-4 receptor, or MC4R, pathway) that controls how hungry you are. This problem stops your brain from telling you that you’re full.

People are either born with this (this is known as genetic), or they have an accident or illness that makes them develop it (this is known as acquired hypothalamic obesity). The important thing is that it is never their fault.

Guidance and support

Use our discussion guide to find out more about what you can do to manage hard-to-control hunger.

Discussion guide

This guide has been developed to support you in preparing for an appointment with your doctor or nurse so that you can talk openly about the impact of hard-to-control hunger and obesity and work with them to agree on the best care plan possible.


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